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Do you believe in dreams?

No, it's not one of those reflective texts with a moral at the end of LinkedIn, but rather a conversation while the coffee is done, and we stop for 5 minutes from the busy day that we all have.

That moment of seconds in your consciousness can escape you dreaming, and in which you find yourself looking out a window, or at a little pot of sugar, or the light opening, and daydreaming in thoughts of trips you wanted to be on, how your neighbor changed his car. car so fast, how your boss has the nerve to give you more work on top of everything you already deliver, or how you magically wish that bad client who only humiliates and abuses you at work would disappear - and then, BANG!

The light goes off, your feed updates and you didn't even like the travel photo, your neighbor honks at you ironically, the coffee is ready, your boss's slack arrives demanding the report earlier than agreed and the email from that client arrives criticizing and asking for adjustments to the fit in version 24 of a project that he won't even use or buy.

What a pain, right? Damn. We are made, more than ever, of feelings. Feel what you have to feel, don't deny it or swallow it anymore, just live it. Allow yourself not only to escape but to live a life free from paid prisons that only pay you with money and small lapses of coffee passing by where your unconscious stops you from thinking about life. You deserve to truly live. The saying 'no one can live for you' has never been heard as loudly as it has been in recent times. Plan your career, of course - but first and foremost your life. Remember that jobs and projects and clients pass, and your life remains, and when you stop to enjoy it, it will be close to the end - some don't even get to truly live, unfortunately.

So to increase the positive mood of the text here, I advise you to allow yourself to laugh more, eat what you like, take care of yourself, respect yourself, love more, say yes more to yourself and fun things, make plans that cheer you up like a child seeing a new friend. And that you have pleasure in doing new or old things, that real pleasure in doing something - that for free you would work on what you love so much - and still attract and make friends for such a pleasurable experience.

redhead woman at office

Classic LinkedIn photo just to say that I am, today, open to new projects and dreams - and of course, also, to more conversations, reflections, and lots of plans that will make your eyes shine and give you butterflies in your stomach. Of these, we need the most, without moderation. Plus that, comment on your biggest dream.

Take care, always. ;)

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